Circular Economy

Changing The Cycle For Good

As champions for sustainability, we use the circular economic model as inspiration to make positive changes for organizations. By helping businesses reduce waste and rethink their approach to office furnishings, we can significantly lessen our impact on the environment.

What Is A Circular Economy?

In the typical office furniture economy, the process is linear. Raw materials are taken from the Earth to make new products that are then eventually disposed of as waste.

Linear Economy

Graphic showing a linear economy. Fours boxes with the text take, make, use, and dispose.

A circular economy reduces the amount of new raw materials consumed and promotes the reuse of products, including recapturing them for use in different forms so that the cycle has no wasteful end.

When done correctly, a circular economy can reduce carbon emissions, air pollution, and exposure to harmful toxins while also improving the environment by helping regenerate our natural systems.

Graphic showing how a circular economy works. Make, use, collect, transform, reuse.

Why It Matters

Manufacturing office furniture requires a significant amount of energy and materials. Between 80 and 90% of these valuable resources are lost after only a short use period. Once these furnishings are disposed of, they typically enter the waste stream as part of a landfill. A staggering estimated 8.5 million tons of office furniture end up in US landfills each year.

How Envirotech Helps

By partnering with us, you can implement better circular economy business practices and drive towards a more sustainable future. Through our brokering and liquidation services, we buy back used furniture from businesses for refurbishment or remanufacturing, extending the useful life of products and parts and diverting them from the landfill. Learn more about Envirotech’s circular office approach.

Learn More About Our Process

How Envirotech Helps

Make A Difference

For more information on a circular economy-based approach to your office decommission, contact us for innovative solutions that will benefit your organization, your people, and the world at large. We’ll make the most of your existing assets, transforming them in ways that give them new life to reduce your environmental impact and make a positive change.