Brokering + Liquidation

Brokerage & Liquidation Services

Save time, money, and space while being environmentally responsible by keeping your unwanted furniture out of a warehouse or landfill. Through our brokering and liquidation services, we’ll maximize the value of your used furnishings through remanufacturing, resale/repurpose, donation, or recycling.

Extend the Value & Lifecycle of Your Furniture

We buy, sell and remanufacture pre-owned office furniture from companies throughout North America, helping you generate real value while contributing to a circular economy.

Our end-of-use specialists will evaluate your furniture and offer options for reuse with a zero-landfill goal. These range from:

  • Selling and repurposing to various markets
  • Acquiring for our use as additional inventory of used products
  • Disassembling and salvaging components for our remanufactured solutions
  • Facilitating a donation to a local charity on your behalf
  • Recycling if the assets no longer have a useful life

Let’s Reach A Zero-Landfill Goal Together.

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