Just as the fashion industry has seen a shift towards sustainability, take back and recycling programs, office furniture is undergoing a similar transformation. Many manufacturing companies are investing in eco-friendly and sustainable products made from recycled materials designed to minimize environmental impact.

This trend extends beyond just a few companies; it’s become an industry-wide movement. The battle against plastic pollution has been a stark reality, prompting concerted efforts across all sectors to prioritize reuse and recycling. In response, furniture designers are pioneering innovative solutions, such as the production of recycled polypropylene chairs, marking a significant step forward in sustainable design. Other sustainable features include FSC certified wood sourced from sustainably harvested forests, low-VOC finishes, carbon-neutral orders, and eco-friendly production processes…the list goes on.

The most sustainable product though, is the one that already exists.

The shift towards sustainability isn’t just a trend—it’s a movement that’s gaining momentum. With each decision to repurpose and remanufacture furniture, organizations are taking a bold step towards a greener future. And the impact is tangible, both environmentally and economically. With the built environment accounting for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, the need for greener practices has never been more urgent. By embracing sustainability, companies can create workplaces that not only reduce their environmental impact but also enhance employee well-being, productivity, and retention.

Consider the case of EcoVadis Canada, a global sustainability rating company, which recently partnered with Envirotech and leading Toronto design firm Syllable Inc to furnish its new office in downtown Toronto using remanufactured and preowned furniture. By embracing this sustainable alternative, EcoVadis not only stayed true to its values but also set a precedent for cost-effective and environmentally conscious design. We successfully diverted 30 million pounds of waste by giving old furniture a new life and EcoVadis saved nearly 40% on costs to achieve a 90% pre-owned target! This decision was not only cost-effective but also significantly reduces their carbon footprint. Partnerships with innovative design firms like Syllable are pivotal in reshaping the perception of remanufactured and pre-owned items in modern office design. Their innovative approach not only challenges conventional norms but also inspires clients to embrace sustainable solutions in their office spaces. By integrating pre-owned items into their designs, Syllable is leading the charge towards a more eco-conscious future.

A commitment to sustainability is not an isolated trend but a reflection of broader shifts in the workforce. According to a recent article in Forbes, as of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work in a hybrid model. Despite the rise in remote work, the majority of the workforce (59.1%) still operates from traditional office spaces. This statistic underscores the resilience of in-office work and the importance of creating sustainable environments where employees can thrive.

The environmental benefits of repurposing furniture are substantial and well-documented. Studies have shown that remanufacturing office furniture can reduce its environmental impact by as much as 70% to 90%. By incorporating pre-owned furniture into office fit-outs, organizations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while also enjoying cost savings of up to 40%. These figures highlight the dual benefits of sustainability: a win-win for both the planet and the bottom line.

At Envirotech, we’re proud to play a role in this sustainability revolution. Our extensive inventory of refurbished workstations, desks, chairs, and more offers clients a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality or style. Our showroom is a testament to the transformative power of repurposed furniture, showcasing how eco-conscious design can breathe new life into office spaces.

Envirotech was recently featured in the Globe and Mail for our circular office approach which you can read here.

This recognition underscores our commitment to reducing carbon footprints while creating dynamic, eco-conscious workspaces and we’re proud to be acknowledged for our efforts in reshaping office environments for a greener future.

Together, we’re not just creating functional workspaces; we’re crafting environments that reflect a commitment to sustainability and leave a positive impact on both people and the planet. As we look to the future, the importance of sustainability in commercial real estate cannot be overstated.

One thing is for certain: by transforming office spaces with repurposed and remanufactured furniture, we can build a brighter tomorrow—one that’s both eco-friendly and economically sound.

Interested in integrating remanufactured and pre-owned into your space plan? We’d love to help you along your path to sustainability!

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Published On: May 7, 2024
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